Lignum: the Latin for wood. Quintessential to our overall goal here at Lignum is to bring an ancient way of cooking back into the modern world. Located in the idyllic & tranquil setting of Bullaun, Galway, we blend local produce with international experience – which has been carefully acquired from around the world – to bring you the ultimate culinary experience.

We procure each dish’s ingredients meticulously from our immediate vicinity, and from top producers across Ireland. This selection process revolves around one central theme – real, natural food, as we believe that this is the constitution of what good food should be.

The emphasis placed on our ingredients is complemented by our team of chefs, which have worked in multiple restaurants worldwide, and whom we’ve spent an incredible amount of resources bringing together. Crafted using ancient methods focused on using wood to prepare, cook & serve our cuisine – at Lignum we offer an experience like no other that transcends the general outlook on modern dining.